May 10th to 21st 2020

12 Days

Dates: May 10th to 21st, 2020

Price: $1799 1699 + $300 Project Fee

(Price based on per person sharing)

*Climbing Mount Rinjani Volcano & Gili Islands

5 Night Add-On $749


  • Despite the tourism boom across both Bali and wider Indonesia, many communities on the island haven’t felt the benefit from the tourism dollars in the slightest. Many families struggle below the poverty line, and children are frequently sent off to work rather than attend education. Help us help our partner community in refurbishing a school to allow these kids to access the education they require to break that cycle of poverty permanently.
  • Get ready to get your hands dirty with some hot and sweaty days, painting the school, furnishing the classrooms and (perhaps the most strenuous job of all!) prepare to keep the kids entertained while we prepare to re-open our partner project.
  • Hike along Bali’s famous, majestic rice terraces, stretching back as far as the eye can see.
  • An early morning hike up Bali’s gorgeous active volcano, Mount Batur. The views of Lake Batur are worth the effort alone, we promise!
  • Gallivant around Ubud’s monkey forest, just make sure your zips are closed and your pockets are empty. These little guys have quite the eye for a free meal (or even an iPhone), you have been warned!
  • Take a dip in the refreshing mountain water as Bali’s waterfalls crash around you. Your instagram will never have looked so good!


Arrive in Bali anytime. Sunset dinner and drinks while we catch our first Bali sunset, beachside.

After brekky, we’ll head on our private bus to our partner community. We’ll use the time to get to know each other a little better, and prepare ourselves for the hot & sweaty work ahead! Once we arrive, we’ll check-in, where our project leader will brief you guys about just why we’re working with them, the good that your money has done, and the work that you’ve signed up for.

Day 1 on our project. As many of our returners can testify, the projects can be hard work, so we hope you’re ready. Depending on how far the construction has progressed with the local staff we have been hiring over the last few weeks, jobs can include lugging bricks, shifting sand, painting the buildings and of course playing with the kids.

The second day of the project. Hopefully your body isn’t hurting too much, and you kept the sunburn at bay. After our first project day, day 2 should be a breeze. You’ll know exactly what you have to get done in order for the project to be ready to open. So hop to it!

This one could be an early start! It depends on how hard we’ve been working but today is opening day! So if we’ve stayed on top of our workload, we’ll work all morning, have lunch and then have a local religious opening ceremony to bless your generosity and graft. If we’ve fallen behind, we’ll be up at sunrise to get here and get the work finished. Let’s do it folks.

After we said goodbye to the impossibly cute kids, and the warm vibes from our partner community last night, today is the day we start our rewards. We’re heading for Mount Batur and Lake Batur, but we’ll be stopping off at some pretty special places on the way. When we arrive lakeside this evening, we’ll want an early night, tomorrow morning starts with a bang.

Wakey Wakey, rise and shine campers. We’re hiking up Bali’s most active volcano. Eeeek! Don’t worry, it’s safe. But leave the flip-flops in the hotel and get on your sports shows. The hike isn’t super difficult, so we’ll all make it up and down. The views, the jungle, the sense of accomplishment, and the views again. Seriously, just wow! Back down for a late breakfast, a well earned shower. We’re off to Ubud, Bali’s gorgeous cultural centre. En route to Ubud we’ll be making a few stops to some spectacular view points and ancient temples. Check-in. Shower and dinner together as our backpacking trip is officially underway.

From experience, we know you guys are shattered after flying from all around the world to gather in Bali, then all that hard work for the first 4 days or so. Don’t worry, finally you get a lazy morning. No wake-up call today. Then you can chill in Ubud or spend the day having a full body massage for under $10, sipping on fresh fruit smoothies and maybe finding time for the odd Bintang beer. We’ll have an optional group lunch in our favourite Ubud spot, it’s spectacular, we promise.

Time to see just why Ubud is the place on everyone’s lips at the moment. We’re off to explore Ubud and its surrounding and within an hour you’ll understand where all the hype comes from. First stop, meet some very mischievous friends at the monkey forest. If you’ve never had a monkey jump on your back, this morning will probably change that! As we move on, there are Bali’s most famous rice terraces, some of the most beautiful Balinese temples you can imagine, and your first Balinese waterfall. Keep that camera battery charged.

We’re off on our way south to Canggu, but not before we squeeze in another of Bali’s most beautiful waterfalls, and a couple of viewpoints. Today is truly an epic day. And just wait and see where we’re staying tonight in Canggu!

The villa looks good, and a late breakfast sounds even better. Enjoy your half day-off. Rent a scooter, grab another massage, tan those buns on the beach.

We have a gorgeous half-day tour planned, finishing up with sunset by the famous Tanah Lot temple, then it’s a group dinner so save enough energy for our last night this evening. Tears? We fully expect them!

We’re less than an hour from the airport, so that teary goodbye isn’t too drawn out at least. We’re pretty confident you’ve just signed off on one of the best trips of your life, and we’ll see you on the next one! Unless…

The Gili islands and Lombok are you guys for a well earned beach break from all that, ermmm, beach life they’ve been living. And you guys are welcome too. Think Bali 20 years ago. Small towns, beachy vibes, but first it’s Lombok, to climb Mount Rinjani. Now who’s in?!

Climbing Mount Rinjani Add-On

As we say goodbye to the GBGAers that aren’t joining us, we head to the airport, for a 30 minute flight to Lombok. We’ll be picked up at the airport and driving to Mount Rinjani where we’ll settle for the night ahead of the climb

Early brekky and starting the hike at 8am, we’ll have 8 hours or so of trekking today so we hope you have more than a pair of flip-flops. We’ll camp the night on the crater rim. We can enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset.

The reward. Set-off at 3am for to reach the crater rim (2641m) with a beautiful sunrise, and panoramic view of Lombok island, the island of Bali, the island of Sumbawa and Segara Anak Lake. The Summit has been closed since the earthquake, but don’t worry, the crater rim gives us the view we’ve been chasing!  After that, we will descend into the crater rim Sembalun within 2 hours and have breakfast here. Then will continue to go down to the village Sembalun, on to our private boat transfer to Gili Trawangan to cash in some of those reward points after all that hard work!

Now you see why the Gilis islands have such a buzz. Thailand/Bali but 25 years ago. Beach huts, ice-cold beers, electric blue water and white sand for days. Enjoy the day off, snorkel, chill, and rest those aching bones. 

Let’s get a boat and explore, nothing too strenous, top up that tan, and don’t forget a speaker. These are the days traveling was made for. Wacthing the sunset from our private boat, life is good, and you’re doin’ it right.

The last, last day. For real this time! Our tour finishes up in Gili Trawangan, but we can of course help you get back to Lombok, or Bali or all the way home. Let us know, we’ll stay for a couple more days to soak up those beachy vibes.

About The Project

Here at GBGA headquarters, we truly believe that education is the only medium that can truly break the cycle of poverty both in Bali on this project, but globally. So while Bali is indeed a paradise for many, there is another side which most of us never see. When the curtain is drawn back, for most of Bali’s rural population, life is very different from the emotive images portrayed in bright tourist brochures. Here, in stark contrast, there are no sparkling coral beaches, only hour upon hour of back-housebreaking toil in the oozing mud of the rice terraces, interspersed regularly with colorful, complex rituals overseen by priests to ensure the gods look favorably on the people and the endless cycle of labor. These rituals, and the offerings which always accompany them, take hours of labor, mostly on the part of the women. Even in heavily visited areas, there remain many families who see little of the economic benefits tourism supposedly brings.

Our continued projects here hope to alleviate that, in any tiny way we can. Refurbishing a school and building a library can allow children within these rural communities to flourish, and to begin to dream of a life beyond Bali. So let’s help them. One project at a time.

What's Included


All accommodation in comfortable hotels usually with wifi, air-con and hot water as a minimum.


All breakfasts included on tour.

Day Trips & Excursions

All group day trips,  group excursions and Bali highlights.


All group in country transportation.

Project Donation

100% of your donation goes directly to the project.

Experienced Guides

Experienced guides that will be there for you 24/7.