What is the ‘Give Back Give Away’??

Just like you guys, we love to travel, and we’re very privileged to be able to do so, so we figured it would be even better if travel wasn’t only about the popular sights but also an opportunity for all of us to give something back.

This is why we created the ‘Give Back Give Away’. We work on community development projects to improve the lives of those who need it, from playgrounds for kids to market stalls for families to sell their wares. The way we fund these projects is through donations from awesome people like yourself! But, like we said, we love to travel – so – we make an amazing trip out of it!

The really cool part though, is we take a portion of the funds we raise to bring one lucky person who donates with us on the trip! Yes, we bring you along to help us carry out the projects, meet the people who’s lives we are impacting and visit some stunning places along the way – for free! Sounds too good to be true? It’s real! Click the donate button to learn how it works.

Project Vision For 2017

We’re building a playground for the gorgeous Burmese migrant kids who are feeling the after-effects of the reduced funding and attention since the departure of partner charities in the Thai/Myanmar border region. Starting in Bangkok, Thailand and then heading North, this year’s trip will span over two weeks taking us through some of Northern Thailand’s most magnificent locations. We will journey first to the border town of Mae Sot where we will begin the GiveBack GiveAway 2017 projects.

Since Myanmar underwent it’s first democratic elections, the ethnic tribes on the Thai side of the border have felt the repercussions dramatically. The vast majority of charities, projects and NGO’s instantly entered Myanmar, leaving the Burmese migrants in Mae Sot and it’s surroundings instantly neglected and underfunded. This has left many schools searching for the wherewithall they need to provide equipment for their students and classes. Once again the GiveBack Giveaway will be providing the students with essentials they need to learn in the classroom as well as building a playground for the kids of the school and community to benefit from. All kids should have fun at school to create a positive learning environment. We aim to give that to them. And believe it will be a lasting contribution enjoyed by hundreds of kids for years to come. We can’t wait for you to join us for the trip of a lifetime

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Who’s behind the Give Back Give Away?


Three guys who have a passion for travel and are just trying our best to make a difference while doing it. The trips promise to be gorgeous, a little rough around the edges, and a life changing adventure.

Johnny Ward

Johnny Ward

Having visited pretty much every country in the world, Johnny wants to help show others than traveling the world can mean more than sights on a tourist hit list. Getting to see the world, while giving something back is a beautiful concept and the GiveBackGiveAway is our answer to that. Johnny blogs about travel, life and biz at OneStep4Ward.com

Jeshwah Hénry

Josh Henry

Travelling to over 50 countries, Josh thought it was time to giving something back, and co-founded GiveBackGiveAway accordingly. Working in tourism on nearly every continent he’s had the opportunity to take people on life-changing trips, to experience travel like never before. Josh also blogs about his travels at SmallWorldTravels.com

Carl Browne

Carl Browne

Carl moved to Asia in 2008 to volunteer in refugee camps on the Thai-Burma border. In 2012, Carl started working for the University of Hong Kong running programmes in Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. In his free time he continues his charitable work, such as setting up schools in refugee camps on the Thai-Burma border.

Jordan Simons

Jordan Simons

Jordan is a YouTube Travel vlogger who has been travelling the world continuously for the past 2 years. Motivated by showing people how incredible (and affordable) travelling is, he will be showcasing the GiveBackGiveAway on his YouTube channel – enabling you to see how your donations are changing lives!