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Business Development Coordinator


The GBGA is an ambitious and fun social enterprise that’s changing travel. For good.

Based in Bangkok, our GiveBack GiveAway team is growing and we need a superstar to help steer our organisation in the right direction.

Every GiveBack trip is created with two very important things in mind. To use our trips to leave a sustainable, positive impact on a community we visit, and then to create the most epic trip of our travelers’ lives.

On all of our trips, we liaise with local NGOs and organizations up to 1 year in advance, to identify a grass-roots project that will leave a lasting benefit, and truly serve the community and answer their pressing needs. Our travellers then visit the site to help with the finishing touches of our project and then we’re off to explore the country for the remainder of the trip.

As just the 4th member of our team, we’re looking for someone who loves to throw themselves into an adventure, embrace the chaos of a start-up attitude, muck-in for all aspects of a new company, and be part of something more than just an office job.


  • Secure project funding through corporate sponsorship.
  • Secure corporate partnerships within each country.
  • Grow sales through email marketing, social media, SEO and SEM.
  • Influencer outreach.
  • Create and maintain relationships with our operational partners. I.e Hotels, local tour agencies, transportation businesses.
  • Ability to hammer KPIs and knock commission targets out of the park.
  • Assist the Co-Founders with NGO project management. Identifying communities, following up on past projects, discussing future projects.
  • Keep on top of the day-to-day research & administrative tasks. Such as new traveller sign-ups, creating and maintaining spreadsheets, content creation, social media management.
  • Assist in creating of our new travel itineraries dotted around the world.
  • Laugh at our co-founders hilarious jokes


  • Love for social media (FaceBook ads, Google ads, SEO, WordPress)
  • Fluency with Google docs and sheets.
  • Experience with email marketing tools such as MailChimp and Aweber.
  • Ability to create content for our newsletters,blog posts and social.
  • Must be able to work well with our team and independently.
  • Excellent multi-tasker, a great organiser and a self-starter.
  • Graphic design skills (video/photo editing) are a bonus.


  • Ideally educated to a tertiary level, however with extensive experience in business, sales, marketing, start-ups, and tourism, this can be overlooked.
  • 2 years Work Experience within the fields of Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Online business, Start-ups, PR etc is preferable. However, if you’re switched on, with a hard-core work ethic, can take the initiative and are natural leader, then we still want to hear from you.


  • Live in, or be willing to relocate to, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Fluency in English (other languages a plus).
  • Passion for growing a business.
  • Be a fun, extremely organized, outgoing, social and energetic fit for the team.


  • 2 References required from most recent roles.


HOW TO APPLY: Please send a cover letter and resume to team@givebackgiveaway.com with your name + application as the subject line, and the resume attachment as your name + resume. 

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Now for the small print…

  • Location. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, the job is for a minimum of 12 months, including a 3 month probation period.
  • The role. The position is somewhere between a Business Development, and an Executive Assistant. We are a start-up, so you’d be required to do pretty much everything. From cold-call sales, to itinerary planning, to dealing with our partner communities, to endless excel spreadsheets and google research.
  • Remuneration. As a young company, we’re looking for a team member who is looking to grow along us, and alongside our company. Having yet to pull a salary ourselves, and being based in South East Asia, the package that we can provide extends to 50,000THB per month (around $1,500USD), in addition to your standard salary, the commission is applicable on top. If you fund our (minimum) 8 projects per year, your salary would increase to 70,000 Thai Baht (THB) + per month after tax as a minimum, we have no cap on this.
  • Commission. A large part of the role is to secure corporate sponsorship for each commercial GiveBack GiveAway trip we run. This is an avenue we haven’t explored yet, but a potentially lucrative one. Targeting local companies, and multinationals, to be associated with the project is great for their brand, as well as their CSR. Commission is paid at 10% of the first $10,000USD raised per project, and 15% for everything over $10k per project. In addition to this, commission is applicable for all partner hotel deals. We book over 1000+ rooms per year, and you’ll make 10% from every deal you sign, the sky is the limit, but even with partnerships with half our hotels would garner an additional 100,000THB per year ($3,000USD) per year.
  • Travel. As part of the package, we would love you to attend one of our trips per year, it’s part of the company culture. As trips can often be during busy periods, the dates would be at our discretion, and for 2019 we’ve had you join our trip (along with Josh and Johnny) on a library build in Bali or an education centre in Jordan.
  • Relocation & Visas. The role is based in Bangkok, Thailand. We are happy to hire directly from here, or if you’re keen for the role, it’s your responsibility to relocate to Bangkok at your cost. Visas. Our company is currently registered in Hong Kong, which means that right now we, like most online people in Bangkok, have no work permit to reside in Bangkok. That being said, visas are easily obtainable, with a 6-month visa to start, followed by a 90-day visa, meaning you’d be covered for the first 9 months. From then, like our co-founders, each 2 months, you’d be required to do a visa-run, which normally involves a short trip to a neighbouring country (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Laos, Singapore), many people use this for a travel opportunity to explore South East Asia for long weekends, something we’d highly recommend!
  • Working hours & culture. When our co-founders are in Bangkok (roughly half the year), you’d be working alongside them at our local co-working space. Strictly speaking, the hours are standard 40 hours per week, 9-5pm. As a start-up, hours can often drag on, late starts and late finishes are also common. As a minimum, 40 hours per week must be completed, exact hours can be flexible though.
  • Career Path & Growth. As a small company, this is the most exciting aspect. We want you to grow with us. In reality, as people who have been successful in other entrepreneurial endeavours, the GiveBack GiveAway is going to be big. It’s going to help shape the industry, and we want you to be part of that journey, and in that respect, your role’s limit is determined by you. With the right candidate proving their worth, equity within the company is a feasible reality, you’ll help us build our burgeoning team, expand our offerings and help do good in more ways than any of us can imagine right now. We’re excited, and we hope you are too.

We understand the role is challenging, and involving a whole host of different skill-sets, with media, PR, sales, assistant duties, logistics, operations to name just a few! That being said, it’s the perfect role for someone who wants to sink their teeth into something, and truly see the company grow around them, thanks to their hard work. See you in Bangkok!

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