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Are You:

  • A business that wants to make a difference, create a positive company culture and focus on team building.
  • A group at university or college planning on effecting change and having an adventure while doing.
  • A family or group of friends who want to take a trip together and do more than just travel.

How Does it Work?

Our GiveBack GiveAway team is ready to help your group with a fully customised social-good project. We have a network of programs around the globe that would love to have you there.  Answering our form , we’ll get an understanding of what it is you’re trying to achieve. From there, we’ll give you a call to crystallise the location of the program, type of giving back you’d like to participate in, the group objectives, the length of your program, and the level of adventure you need. Anything from a few days to more than a month, we’ll connect you with the right project and help you make a genuine difference.

GiveBack GiveAway is ready to organize all your groups logistics on the ground. Working on a life-changing project, complete with our local guides, local transport, accommodation and day excursions. You’ll be amazed at just how much one group can achieve. Take a look at a recent group in Thailand to see for yourself!

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