Dominican Republic

January 19th to 28th, 2020

10 Days

January 19th to 28th, 2020

Price: $1799 $1699 + $300 Project Fee

(Price based on per person sharing)

*5 day Pico Duarte Climb

Jan 28th- Feb1st @ $799

*Highest Mountain in the Caribbean


  • Facilitate the opening of a school with our partner community one hour from Santo Domingo. After running out of funding, the GBGA has stepped in to finally finish and open their primary school. That means plenty of painting, furnishing, landscaping and the finishing touches on the building
  • Claim some paradise bragging rights when you climb Pico Duarte ,the Caribbean's highest peak, with us on our optional add-on.
  • Get lost in the jungles of Northern East Dominican Republic, away from the tourist crowds, as we discover El Limon waterfall, the island’s best kept secret.
  • Try your hand at kite-surfing, or enjoy the laidback vibes of Cabarete’s white sand beaches. You’ve earned the break after all that hard work within our partner community.
  • Hop on our coast-hopper and get ready for some whale watching, it’s right in season, so the humpbacks will hopefully be ready to say hi.


Arrive in Santo Domingo or Punta Cana anytime today. Depending on your airport of arrival, we’ll help you with your airport transfer and then settle into the hotel for our first group dinner to meet your fellow adventurers and discuss the epic 10 days ahead.

Get in the zone. It’s time to work! After brekkie we’ll head to our partner community and assess just how much work we have to get through in the next 3 days. The school has been in disrepair for too long, and due to lack of options, the kids have been using it even without some walls, ceilings. We’re here to make sure it’s fixed, and properly.   

Day 2 on our project.Let’s ensure all construction has been completed, and now let’s get the school presentable, to a standard we’re proud of, donating the necessary equipment, furnishing, painting. We’ll make this gleam before the kids are back to use it properly.

The third day of our project visit. Cleaning and landscaping whatever needs to be done, installing paths, signage, and applying the final touches so the kids can be proud of their new school. In the afternoon we’ll have time for an opening ceremony and a few games. Then a group dinner to celebrate.

We’re off to Cabarete. The Caribbean is often overun with mass tourism, but that’s not the GiveBackGiveAway’s style. So we’re off north, to the home of adventure in the DR. We’ll be there in time for happy hour as the sun sets on the beach, you’ve earned your break, soak it up tonight.

Today we’re headed to the sea in search of some of the largest mammals on the planet. We’ll spend the morning on a boat and hopefully come back with some great photos of the humpbacks. After treat yourself to some pool-time, or perhaps a spot of beach volleyball. If you have energy we suggest trying your hand at kite-surfing, this is one of the top spots in the world for that. If not, rafting, hiking or massages are all an option. Ahhh, beach life.

After breakfast at the hotel, we’re off to explore the 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua. Adventure tourism at its finest!

Jumping down a waterfall is a common enough experience, one that can happen in every corner of the world. Jumping down twenty-seven of them, though, only happens in the Dominican Republic. You can hike between the waterfalls, or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, throw on a helmet and join us as we jump from waterfall to waterfall. This is caving, Caribbean style.

Cabarete, you’re a beauty but time to say goodbye. A drive to the untouched North East of the Dominican Republic awaits, as we arrive in Las Terrenas. Yet to be burdened with the package holiday types, Las Terrenas is home to some of the most beautiful beaches IN THE WORLD. We’ll be there in time today to go charging in the crystal clear waters of the caribbean ocean and to appreciate where in the world we are.

Las Terrenas isn’t just a pretty face. It’s the hopping off point to go and discover Cascada Limon, or El Limon Waterfall. At around 120 feet high, easily 50 feet wide, and fed by the Arroyo Chico river barreling down from jungle peaks, El Salto del Limón Waterfall is an awe-inspiring addition to your trip, just don’t forget your swimmers (or hiking shoes to get up there too!). You’ll never have felt so wonderfully disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

Back to Las Terrenas for one last night together.

10 days up in a heartbeat. We have a morning transfer back to Santo Domingo or Punta Cana, wherever you need to be and that’s a wrap folks…. Unless of course you’re game to climb the Caribbean’s highest peak? That’s where we’re off next for our additional add-on!

Pico Duarte Add-On

Pico Duarte stands tall and proud at 3,098m (10,164 feet), and there’s no peak taller in all of the Caribbean, so let’s conquer her together. For the hard-core adventurers amongst our group, we’ll leave Las Terrenas after breakfast and take the winding road to Jarabacoa, the last town before the climb. An early night is in order, in preparation for the 2 day climb ahead.

Day 11: Wakey, Wakey! An early start and off we go. We’ll be taking the La Cienga route, so the total journey from the bottom to the top is 23km. Expect steep steps but breathtaking views. Not too many people make the effort to climb during their Caribbean escape so there’s every chance we’ll have the mountain to ourselves. Now THAT’S traveling!

Day 12: After a night in the tent, sunrise will wake us and it’s time to summit. A quick camping breakfast and we’re off again. We hope to reach summit before lunch, a quick selfie at the top and then kick back to soak up the atmosphere of being the highest person in all the Caribbean. After an early lunch, we make our way back down to base camp where our transport will take us back to Santo Domingo for a well-needed shower and a proper night’s sleep!

Day 13: No rush this morning, sleep in by all means. We’ll come get you if we haven’t heard anything by 10.30! The afternoon will be spent on a walking tour of Santo Domingo, the meandering streets, the colonial buildings, the Capital is a charming place, we’ll sample the local food, the local beer, and reminisce about the time we summited Pico Duarte! One last dinner and evening together in Santo Domingo will bring our time to a close.

Day 14: Breakfast and we’re outta here. We can help you organise transport to Punta Cana if your flight leaves from there, or stay in the country by all means. Let us know if you need help with planning any onward travel, we love this place!

About The Project

Over a year ago, a community one hour from Santo Domingo contacted us and asked for our help. Another organisation had kindly offered to rebuild a dilapidated school for them, but as work got underway, they ran out of funds. We promised to step in and help, finish the building, donate the equipment they need and set the kids up with a primary school they can be proud of. So here we are, and in January 2020, it’s time to deliver our promise.

As always we hire local stakeholders to carry out the majority of the work to ensure they’re engaged with the project. We’ll step in and give the building the TLC it needs so the kids will be blown away upon return. New books, bright colours, and the energy the school deserves.

What's Included


All Accommodations in comfortable hotels usually with wifi, air-con and hot water as a minimum


All breakfast included on tour.

Day Trips & Excursions

All group day trips, group excursions and group entrance fees into temples and forts.


All group in country transportation.

Project Donation

Feel good knowing 100% goes directly into the project.

Experienced Guides

Two experienced guides that will be there for you 24/7.