Ancient Egypt

August 9th to 20th, 2020

12 Days

August 9th to 20th, 2020

Price: $1983 $1883 + $300 project fee

Book 5 Day Depths of the Sahara & Great Sand Sea Add-On:
August 20th to 24th *$699


  • Ride a traditional Felucca slowly up the Nile, ancient Aswan behind us, Luxor ahead as we pitch up and sleep under the stars.
  • Just outside chaotic Cairo, camels wandering by, appreciate the sheer size, and beauty of the world famous Pyramids of Giza.
  • Tick off a huge bucket list item as you take a sunrise hot-air balloon ride above Luxor’s historical monuments.
  • Channel your inner Indiana Jones as we march through the Valley of the Kings in Southern Egypt.
  • Since the Arab spring, the Egyptian economy has suffered, their currency has halved in value and people living below the United Nation poverty line has increased by 50%. Help us give back with our partner community in Egypt.
  • 3 days of cultural immersion at our partner project in Egypt, volunteering, hard graft, and giving the community the facilities they need to succeed.


Day 1: Arrive in Cairo anytime. Dinner with the group on our first night and you get your first taste of that delicious Egyptian food.

Day 2: After brekky, we’ll head on our private bus to our partner community. We’ll use the time to get to know each other a little better, and prepare ourselves for the hot & sweaty work ahead! Once we arrive, we’ll check-in, where our project leader will brief you guys about just why we’re working with them, the good that your money has done, and the work that you’ve signed up for.

Day 3: Rise and shine. After yesterday’s brief, it’s time to put the knowledge to the test. Painting, labouring, landscaping – whatever our local team hasn’t managed to do, we need to step up and get it done! The opening ceremony is 2 days from now, so it’s time to get serious.

Day 4: Day 2 on our project. As many of our returners can testify, the projects can be hard work, so we hope you’re ready. Depending on how far the construction has progressed with the local staff we have been hiring over the last few weeks, jobs can include lugging bricks, shifting sand, painting the buildings and of course playing with the kids.

Day 5: This one could be an early start! It depends on how hard we’ve been working but today is opening day! So if we’ve stayed on top of our workload, we’ll work all morning, have lunch and then have a local religious opening ceremony to bless your generosity and graft. If we’ve fallen behind, we’ll be up at sunrise to get here and get the work finished. Let’s do it folks.


That night we’re off to the iconic Cairo train station for a travelers rite of passage, a cross-country night train to Aswan.

Day 6:  We’ll be arriving in glorious Aswan early in the morning, drop the bags at our hotel and we’re off to explore the ancient temple of Philae, where Egyptian god Horus is revered, pop to Elephantine island and visit a traditional Nubian village.

Day 7: Don’t worry, it’s not an early start this morning! Lazy breakfast, and you’re free for the morning. Pop to the local souq to work on your bargaining skills or kick back in the hotel and edit your Insta posts. That afternoon we make our way to the banks of the river Nile where we have 2 traditional Felucca boats ready to take us, and our stuff, up river to Kom Ombo. We’ll be spending the night on the boat, under the stars, so don’t forget your toothbrush.

Day 8: Waking up on the Nile, as we make our way to Kom Ombo temple complex, this is the kinda of morning travel dreams are made of! After exploring the complex, we’ll hop on our transport and finish the journey to Luxor overland where you’ll be very keen to see a hotel bed again!

Day 9: For our hot-air-ballooners, it’s an early start for the kind of sunrise you dream about. After the hot air balloon, back for breakfast and then off to get lost in the wander of the Valley of the Kings home to Tutankhamun amongst other legendary Pharaohs. No trip to Egypt is complete without marveling at the ancient sites here. On the way back to Luxor, we’ll stop to see the epic Temple of Karnak, specifically well known for its forest of columns.

Day 10: Brekky in Luxor, then to the airport where we head back to where it all started, chaotic, charming, indomitable Cairo. You’ll have a couple of hours to relax and recover before we head to a rooftop bar and restaurant for Cairo fews and local food.

Day 11: It’s the big day – Pyramid day! We’ll be exploring the best of what Cairo has to offer, a walk of the old city, the famous Egyptian Museum of Cairo, but there’s no doubting the main event, the Pyramids of Giza. It’s every bit as impressive as the pics you’ve seen, oh and don’t forget to blow the Sphynx a kiss on the way out.

Same some energy for one last group dinner and drinks that evening in our favourite local joint.

Day 12: That’s a wrap, folks. Except for the intrepid amongst you, today you’ll continue on our ‘Western Desert’ add on, that’s an adventure on a half. For the rest of you, see you on the next trip!


The Egypt that time forgot. We’ll be venturing deep to the edge of the edge of the Great Sand Sea, visiting the allusive Siwa Oasis on the border with Libya. The western lands were where the sun god Ra went to die each day, and where the souls of the Pharaohs went following their entombment. It's harsh and deserted... but contains a handful of oases.

DAY 12: A morning drive to Bahariya oasis, to visit the other worldly Black Desert.. In the middle of Egypt’s ‘Western Desert’, it’s a jump off point to the old Egypt.

DAY 13: A morning excursion to the ‘White Desert’ of Farafra. And then onwards, across the dunes in land cruisers for hours, to Siwa, camping in the desert on arrival.

DAY 14: Exploring a place where most tourists never see, visiting Cleopatra’s Spring for a dip, the eerie Mountain of the Dead, the Temple of the Oracle, all the while on the edge of the infamous ‘Great Sand Sea’. Overnight in hotel.

DAY 15: One last morning in paradise, before a transfer to Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast. Back in civilization, an evening walking along the Mediterranean promenade and a well earned chilled beer.

DAY 16: A morning tour of Alexandria through the Citadel of Qaitbay and the Roman theatre, before a transfer to Cairo for the evening we’re we are done and dusted. What an adventure!

About The Project

We are still working to confirm the exact details of our project in Egypt and will update this space as soon as the project is locked in. 

What's Included


All Accommodations in comfortable hotels usually with wifi, air-con and hot water as a minimum


All breakfast included on tour.

Day Trips & Excursions

All group group day trips, group group excursions and group entrance fees into temples and forts.


All group in country transportation.

Project Donation

Feel good know 100% goes directly to our project partner.

Experienced Guides

Two experienced guides that will be there for you 24/7.