Ethiopia Explorer

October 27th to November 7thth

add on: November 7th to November 12th*

12 Days

Dates: October 27th to November 7th
(or November 12th with add-on)

Price: $2699 + $300 Project Fee
*Danakil Depression Add-on $1599

(Price based on per person sharing)


  • Our most impactful project yet. Our partner community currenlty walk 1-2 hours per day for water, with your donations and attendance, we’ll be installing a waterwell for this community, giving them running water for life.
  • With this new water source, help landscape previously unusable land to prepare for new farms in the community
  • Explore Ethiopia’s ‘8th Wonder of the World’ Lalibela. Huge rock churches built INTO the ground to avoid detection, breathtaking.
  • Hike to Ethiopia’s most spectacular waterfall, the Blue Nile Falls
  • Get lost on the secluded monasteries of Lake Tana
  • Bolt on our intrepid expedition to the ‘hottest place on earth’, the other-worldly landscapes of the Danakil Depression need to be seen to be believed!


ADDIS ABABA – Arrive in Addis Ababa. A group dinner in one of the city’s most delicious local jaunts. Ethiopian cuisine is THE most delicious in all of Sub Saharan Africa, so get your taste buds ready.

PROJECT – We’ll have an early breakfast, then hop in our private transfer to our project, once there, we’ll settle in, have some lunch. After lunch a partner from our local community will come and brief the group about the community you guys are helping. They’ll explain about the difficulties the community has faced, and how your generosity is alleviating those. They’ll also chat about the work that we, as a group, have got ahead during the next 3 days.

PROJECT – Rise and shine. Brekky in the hotel, and we’re off. After a quick chat with the local project leaders , it’s time to get those hands dirty. We’re installing a well, and landscaping for future farm land with the new water. Depending on the progress our local engineers and tradesmen have made in the previous week, prepare yourself for manual labour, painting, keeping the local kids amused and lots and lots of sweat!

PROJECT – After a hard days work yesterday, it’s time to don your work gear again. More painting, more labour, today is the day the project comes together. Your generous donations, the local labour and now the the finishing touches are ready to be applied. Time to make this ready for use!

LALIBELA – Last minute additions, furnishing and then the opening ceremony and handling of your project over to the community once and for all. Time to say goodbye to new friends in the community, and we head back to Addis Ababa airport for a flight to Ethiopia’s 8th wonder of the World, Lalibela.

LALIBELA – Why this place isn’t a Wonder of the World, only the UN knows but the rock-strewn churches of Lalibela will leave your jaw on the ground. Full church structures built into the ground, almost invisible from just 100m away, but as you approach you’ll see the vast complex created. Truly spectacular.

BAHIR DAR -After brekky, it’s a a morning drive Bahir Dar, right on the shores of the mystic Lake Tana, then a well, well earned afternoon and evening off. A walk around the streets of Bahir Dar, and a chance to sample the Ethiopian beer is highly recommended.

BAHIR DAR – In Bahir Dar, we’ll jump on a local boat in the morning and visit the ancient Ura Kidane Mehret and Azwa Maryam monasteries, untouched on the islands of the lakes for centuries. After lunch we’ll head out to powerful white water of the Blue Nile Falls. Prepare to be amazed for that one. Back to Bahir Dar to sleep.

GONDAR – A quick hop to Gondar this morning. We’ll get a chance to see the UNESCO World Hertiage walled city of  Fasil Ghebbi, as well as castles straight out of Lord of the Rings, dubbed ‘Ethiopia’s Camelot’.

SIMIEN MOUNTAINS -Today we get to see the natural beauty of Ethiopia in the Simien Mountains National Park. We’ll be heading to Debark, where we’ll be spend tonight, as our camp has access the awe-inspiring Simien Mountains National Park.

GONDAR -After a morning in the imperious Ethiopian mountains, it’s time to return to Gondar for a well-earned shower, and… a farewell dinner. For those of us not off too explore the Danakil Depression add-on, it’s our last night together!

ADDIS  ABABA -Today we say our farewells. Some will be taking a flight back to the captial Addis Ababa, were the journey will end  and some of us will continue on to do the added leg of the trip to Danakil Depression.

Danakil Depression Add-On

Party on! So for the courageous amongst us, we’re not finished yet. After a bit of a lie-in, then we make our way to Axum. We should arrive in time for a couple of sundowners in Ethiopia’s ancient city, it’ll soon be obvious why Ethiopia used to be one of the most powerful countries in the ancient world.

Axum, the gem of the north, is where we’ll visit the Church of St. Mary of Zion, rumoured to be the repository of the Ark of the Covenant! Next up is the Palace of the Queen of Sheba, from over 100 years ago. After we’re all churched-out, we make our way to Mekele, the hop-off point for our Danakil Depression expedition.

An early start for our intrepid adventure. The Danakil Depression is officially the hottest place on earth, and the 2nd lowest place (2nd to the dead sea) at 400 feet below see level. We start our tour by hitting up Erta Ale, one of only 5 permanent lava lakes on the planet. To get there though, one of the roughest roads on earth, the 60km will take us around 8 hours. We’ll trek to the volcano edge and camp nearby as we watch the boiling lava from the the volcano rim campsite.

 After a spectacular sunrise at the crater, it’s time to visit the mythical Lake Giulietti, a saltwater lake located more than 100 meters below sea level, in one of the deepest depressions of the planet. We’ll set up camp, explore and soak up the unique landscapes unfound anywhere else on earth.

  This morning we drive to Ragad, where the locals mine salt. We get the opportunity to watch the workers breaking salt from the ground, cutting cubes and loading onto their camels. After being mesmerised by that, we drive ahead to Dallol and visit the different landscapes formed by the extreme volcanic activity here. Dallol is 116 meters below sea level, one of the lowest places in the world, which gives rise to these epic colorful salt mining vistas. A visit Lake Assal and an opportunity to walk with the Afar tribesmen will finish our day off before we make our way back to Hamedela and proceed to Mekele. Cold shower, dinner, sleep.

A morning flight to Addis Ababa, where the trip is officially over. Either time to head home, or perhaps even explore Ethiopia’s rift valley in the south? The bucket list never stops growing!

About The Project

The GiveBack GiveAway team are ecstatic to have partnered on our most meaningful project yet. In Ethiopia, in a rural community outside Addis Ababa, we’ll be providing a water-well allowing the free flow of clean water for the forseeable future. Currently our partner community is forced to walk between 1-2 hours per day for fresh water, which sees the women and the children wake up early and head out, no cooking, no washing possible until their return.

Thanks to your generation donations, and your priceless attendance on our ‘Ethiopian Adventurer’, the walking can stop and a simple pump of the well will free up hours and hours for the community, allowing the time to be spent more constructively from here on out.

Also, with the digging of the well, land previously unusable to the community will be arable for the first time. That will lead to potential farming abilities, to pull up those sleeves and help us ply the ground, landscaping and preparing for future farms around their new well. We’re super, super excited by this project, and we can’t wait to see you guys in Addis Ababa!

What's Included


All accommodations during the tours.
(Price based on per person sharing)

Day Trips & Excursions

All group day trips, group excursions including 2 day safari, National park entrance fees. Optional activities are additional.


All group in country transportation. Buses, Ferries and Safari Jeep.

Project Donation

Your Project Donation (100% of which goes directly to our project partner in Arusha).

Experienced Guides

Two experienced guides that will be there for you 24/7.