Jordan Adventure

October 6th - October 18th, 2019

13 Days

Dates: October 6th to 18th

Price: $2099 + $300 project fee

(Price based on per person sharing)


  • Explore the jewel of the Middle East, Jordan. Home to ancient wonders, nomadic tribes, delicious Arabic food, the lowest point on earth and a desert to fall in love with.
  • Get ready to get your hands dirty with some hot and sweaty days, working without partner community. Despite Jordan’s recent developments, many communities are finding themselves left behind, whether it’s the nomadic Bedouin Tribes, or families struggling with the fast paced development of the big cities.
  • A sunrise entrance will allow us to get lost amidst one of the Wonders of the World, Petra, all alone.
  • Sleep under the stars in Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert, formally home to Lawrence of Arabia. Don’t get too comfortable, we may have to hike a sand dune, or two!
  • Bathe yourself in healing waters of the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea. The natural salt levels mean it’s impossible to sink, just remember not to shave before you join us for a dip. Ouch!
  • Tour Amman’s old city with us, home to Roman and Greek amphitheatres, and the temple of Hercules.


Arrive in Amman, Jordan’s Capital city anytime. Sunset dinner to meet our fellow volunteers, and welcome you to the Middle East’s safest city.

After brekky, we’ll head on our private bus to our partner community. We’ll use the time to get to know each other a little better, and prepare ourselves for the hot & sweaty work ahead! Once we arrive, we’ll check-in, where our project leader will brief you guys about just why we’re working with them, the good that your money has done, and the work that you’ve signed up for. Then it’s off to get started with the hard work. 

Day 2 on our project. As many of our returners can testify, the projects can be hard work, so we hope you’re ready. Depending on how far the construction has progressed with the local staff we have been hiring over the last few weeks, jobs can include lugging bricks, shifting sand, painting the buildings and of course playing with the kids.

The third day of the project. Hopefully your body isn’t hurting too much, and you’ve kept the sunburn at bay. After a couple of days on the project, day 3 should be a breeze. You’ll know exactly what you have to get done in order for the project to be ready to open. So hop to it!  We’ll work all morning, have lunch then enjoy the opening ceremony together. If we’ve fallen behind though, we’ll be up at sunrise to get here and get the work finished. Let’s do it folks.

Time of the trip of a lifetime. We’ll hop in our private transport and head to Wadi Musa, home to Jordan’s most famous attraction, Petra. After checking into the hotel, we’ll grab a bit downtown and make our way to the UNESCO World Heritage site, and one of the most beautiful sites in the world, Petra. We have a treat in store for you guys tonight though, with exclusive access to Petra By Night. Watching the Treasury by night, lit up by thousands of naked flames, is truly spectacular. 

Make sure that camera is charged, and maybe double check your alarm clock too. This morning is the main event, Petra in all its glory! We’re going to be the first people in there, meaning we get all those epic shots without hordes of tourists dotted along the background. So it’s an early start, but it’s worth it we promise. 

We’ll spend the next few hours trekking across Petra, from the Treasury to the Monastery, past camels, and local Bedouins, struggling to believe that all this was built 2000 years ago. Truly one of the most impressive sights in the whole world. Leave the flip-flops in the hotel, there’s a lot of steps to cover today!

Wadi Musa to Wadi Rum. No trip to Jordan is complete without venturing into the Arabian desert, and spending a night in a Bedouin camp, camels sleeping in the corner, the Milky Way in full view thanks to no light pollution, in the depths of the Valley of the Moon. Wadi Rum was once home to Lawrence of Arabia, now it’s ours (for one night). There’s something special about drinking local tea, and soaking up travel stories as we appreciate the beauty of the desert, in the small hours of the night.

Let’s go and explore Wadi Rum! We’ll hop in a 4X4 and check out the best of Wadi Rum has to offer. Epic view points, clambering over sand dunes, feeling as if we have the whole of Jordan to ourselves in the stark beauty of this UNESCO world heritage site. Spend a few moments to marvel at how locals have carved a life out of this place of millenia. Amazing.

Around lunchtime, we’ll make the short journey to Aqaba, right on the ocean, where we’ll have dinner as the sunsets on the Red Sea, Egypt to one side of us, Saudi Arabia to the other.

Welcome to Aqaba. You’ve earned your break, now go and use it. The Red Sea is world famous for its diving, so feel free to explore the ship wrecks off the coast. Or grab yourself a massage, or simply lie in the sun and recover from the last few days. Optional jet skiing, water skiing or sunset beers are all within a phone call.

Soak up your last morning by the Red Sea, we’ll be checking out and making our way to the ‘Lowest place in the world’, the Dead Sea. Checking into our hotel, we’ll make our way down to the salty shore before going in for a dip. The saltiest water in the world, it’s almost impossible to swim due to the buoyancy, so bring a book and get that epic famous pic of you lying almost on top of the water. Don’t forget to coat yourself with Dead Sea mud, it takes years off apparently!

Back to Jordan’s historic capital, Amman. After lunch, we’ll go and do our best Arnold Schwarzenegger posts in front of the Temple of Hercules, before we climb the stairs of the Roman Amphitheatre in the old city. We’ll go for some local tea on a rooftop overlooking the city, and you guys will start to appreciate why the GBGA team love this country so, so much.

The last day, say it ain’t so! We’re going out with a bang though, an optional half-day trip to Jerash, the former Roman city, ‘the Pompeii of the Middle East’ famous for how well it’s Roman structures have been preserved. Or you can kick back in Amman, do some shopping for the fam and wait for our return for the last night! One final dinner in Amman together to reflect on what we’ve done, seen and experienced. 

Tissues at the ready, tears are expected as we head-off to the airport. See you guys on the next trip!

About The Project

As we’re over a year out until the project, our partners in Jordan have a few different projects in the pipeline that are crying out for some help. Depending on what our communities needs our, and what work gets carried out between now and our project date, we’ll know more specifically closer to our departure. We’re looking at options within the Bedouin community, street kids within the city, and Syrian refugees community. Watch this space in the meantime, we promise it’ll one of the most rewarding trips of our lives. And we’re so excited to run our first project in the Middle East.

What's Included


All Accommodations in comfortable hotels with wifi, air-con and hot water as a minimum.
(Price based on per person sharing)


All breakfast included on tour.

Day Trips & Excursions

Visit to the ancient wonder of Petra, a swim in the buoyant water of the dead sea and more.


All group in country transportation.

Project Donation

Your Project Donation (100% of which goes directly to our project partner in Jordan).

Experienced Guides

Two experienced guides that will be there for you 24/7.