Our Past Trips

Tanzania 2018

Our Tanzania project

  • Built 2 new school classrooms for a Maasai community's kindergarten.
  • Raised over $10,000USD
  • Constructed a staff room to allow the local teachers a quiet space to prepare lessons.
  • Designed and installed the communitie's first ever playground
  • Donated pens, books, paper and sporting equipment for their new rooms.

Our Tanzania Travels

  • 2 nights under the stars on Safari in the Serengeti
  • Spotted elephants, cheetahs, monkeys, impala, zebras and more lions than we can count!
  • Visited a local Maasai village to learn about their different way of life
  • Overland all the way from Nairobi, Kenya, to Arusha, to the Serengetti, then across all of Tanzania to Dar Es Salaam until a ferry to Zanzibar!
  • Sunset Dhow cruise off the coast of Zanzibar, complete with local villagers and their home-grown music
  • Partied the night away on the white sands of Zanzibar, drawing an end to one of our best ever trips.

Philippines 2018

Our Philippines project

  • Partnered with the indigenous Ita community in the rural West of Luzon island
  • Raised over $10,000USD
  • Built our most ambitious project yet, an entire 'Home Economics' building, where the community can now study hospitality, allowing them to work in the cities and break the cycle of poverty
  • Hired 25 local labourers, engineers, family members for 6 months to construct the project
  • Refurbished the boys dormitory, finally allowing the boys to move in permanently

Our Philippines Travels

  • Planes, boat and beers. 10 days chasing paradise across Palawan
  • Epic island hopping and snorkelling through the electric blue water
  • Zip-lining through the bay of Sabang
  • Explored the world's largest underwater cave, complete with dodging bat droppings
  • Private boat tour through Coron, ice-bucket bulging, sipping coconuts as the sunset
  • Summited Mount Tapas for views across Palawan's beautiful islands
  • Chilling at Nacpan beach, fruit smoothies, San Miguels aplenty

India 2018

Our India project

  • Partnered with a partner school on the outskirts of Delhi, giving free education to the children of migrants and labourers
  • Raised over $10,000USD
    Upgraded the classrooms to 'smart' classrooms, bring them up to speed with Government schools and allowing their students to go on to further education
  • Refurbished the interior walls, brightening up the whole project
  • Laid a floor for the whole school, allowing the kids to play on a safer platform, and one that doesn't turn into a mud-pit during rainy season
  • Upgraded the classrooms to 'smart' classrooms, bring them up to speed with Government schools and allowing their students to go on to further education​

Our India Travels

  • Early starts to have the majestic Taj Mahal all to ourselves!
  • Riding a night train to Jodhpur to start our Golden Triangle adventure
  • Getting lost in ancient forts, and expansive temple complexes across Udaipur
  • Rooftop dinners overlooking the blue city of Jaipur
  • Private yoga classes at sunrise, truly appreciating the wonder of India

Myanmar 2017

Building an entire primary school in rural Myanmar for a community destroyed by hurricane Nargis. Then the group traveling around Myanmar, from the misty mornings on Lake Inle, to riding hot air balloons high above the temples of Bagan. Check it out here:

Our Myanmar project

  • Built an entire new school for the community's kindergarten and primary.
  • Raised over $10,000USD
  • Organised a community event for over 500 people with the blessing of the local monks to officially open the new school.
  • Painted the interior and exterior of the new school, leaving a positive, upbeat appearance for the new project.
  • Donated TVs, DVD players, and enough pens, pencils, notebooks that the kids will need for years.

Our Myanmar Travels

  • 10 days of adventure across Yangon, Inle Lake, Mandalay, and Bagan:
  • Exploring the temples of Bagan by bike, and watching both sunrise and sunset across 2 days.
  • A sunrise hot air balloon over Bagan’s pagodas.
  • Meandering down the Irrawaddy river from Mandalay to Bagan by boat, cold beers and sun loungers.
  • Discovering waterfalls on the outskirts of Mandalay.
  • Long boat trips across Lake Inle, to the floating villages.
  • Myanmar’s most epic festival, the Fire Balloon Festival in Shan state. Homemade balloons, stacked with fireworks and 50,000 people below.
  • Covering up at the majestic Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon, followed by late nights and goodbye dinners.

Northern Thailand 2017

On the Burmese/Thai border, we partnered with a group of Burmese refugees, working with a local school finding itself without funding or help from the Governmental system. With 22 kids sleeping on the dirt floor, we build them a dormitory, refurbished their kindergarten and installed a playground on their land. Then 11 days backpacking across the mountains and jungles of Northern Thailand!

Our Northern thailand project

  • Assembled 2 new playgrounds for 250+ students and local community.
  • Constructed a new dormitory with bedding and mattresses for orphaned school children.
  • Rejuvenated the school and school yard by painting the interior and exterior of the classrooms, dorms and fences.
  • Donated a new fridge so teachers could stock food to supply students and staff.
  • Raised over $10000 USD.

Our Northern Thailand Travels

  • Visited the famous White Temple in Chiang Mai.
  • Caught Thailand’s most spectacular sunrise at Phu Chi Fah.
  • Spent two days and a night next at the wonderful elephant sanctuary outside Chiang Mai.
  • Rushed down rivers on bamboo rafts in Chiang Mai’s jungles.
  • Drank tea on the hills of tea plantations in Northern Thailand.
  • Biked around Thailand’s ancient capital of Sukhothai.

Cambodia 2016

Meeting in Bangkok and overlanding to Battambang, Cambodia to meet our partner community. A former monk had been disillusioned with the difficulties of breaking the poverty cycle in poorer areas of Cambodia, he decided to set up his own school with his own limited funds, in order to ensure the kids of his community would be equipped with an English level, and education level, allowing them to attend University.

As an extracurricular school, the younger children weren’t overly keen on the idea of MORE school, so we built them a playground, spruced up their existing buildings and made the whole area a much more appealing destination. The kids couldn’t hold back their joy! From there we were off to Angkor Wat, on to paradise islands in Thailand and soon back to Bangkok for the big goodbye.

Our Cambodia project

  • Assembled a new playground for 300+ students plus the surrounding community children.
  • Cleaned and coloured the school with painting the fence and outer classrooms.
  • Empowered the school to self-fund itself in the future by donating 16 custom bikes for the schools city cycle tours.
  • Donated classroom supplies, fans, sports equipment and printer to the school and students.
  • Raised over $10000 USD.

Our Cambodia Travels

  • Sunrise at the ancient city of Angkor Wat.
  • Thrilling ride on Battambang’s famous Bamboo train.
  • A visit to natural phenomenon of the bat caves outside Battambang.
  • An adventurous boat ride down the Sangker river to Siem Reap.
  • Island paradise in Thailand’s eastern island of Koh Chang.
  • A day out in Bangkok with markets, temples and delicious foods.
  • A night out on a highrise rooftop at one of Bangkok’s stunning sky bars, 38 floors up!

Senegal & The Gambia 2015

Our maiden project, in conjunction with a grassroots NGO based in Dakar, Senegal. From donating rice to a woman who lost her children in the European migrant crisis, to sporting goods for a local sports team, to our main efforts of building 50 market stalls for mother’s selling their local wares, allowing them to escape the indignity of sitting on the floor whilst wealthier market trader stand beside them.

We over-landed all across both Senegal and the Gambia, getting a true taste of the real West Africa. Safaris, boat trips, border hops. The GBGA was off to a great start!

Our Senegal & The Gambia project

  • Empowered 50 women to work in a more dignified, comfortable setting.
  • Engaged and supported local communities by hiring local workers to carry out the projects.
  • Donated food, clothing, footwear, sporting goods, and computers to nearly a dozen communities around Senegal and the Gambia.
  • Raised over $5000.

Our Senegal & The Gambia Travels

  • Swimming in breathtaking pink lake of Senegal.
  • Visit to tortoise sanctuary outside Dakar.
  • Watching wild zebras, elephants, boars and more on our Western Africa safari.
  • Chilling in Senegal’s most famous beach escape of Cap skirring, late nights and dips in the ocean.
  • Checking out the local African markets, and being taken to school by the local footballing kids of Goree Island.

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