The Philippines

April 5th to 16th, 2020

12 Days

April 5th to 16th, 2020

Price: $1899 $1799 + $300 project fee

*Book 3 night Dumaguete Whale Shark Add-On April 16th - 19th @ $799


  • Help with furthering the education of Filipino indigenous population, the Aeta in a rural community north of Subic, on Luzon Island
  • Refurbish and modernise our partner school’s classrooms, and help us install the school’s first ever playground for the 100 impoverished kids in their beachside community.
  • Boat through the world’s largest underwater cave, often referred to as the ‘8th Wonder of the World!’
  • Drink fresh coconuts amidst dips in the electric blue ocean at Nacpan Beach, Palawan.
  • An epic island hopping boat trip throughout the Philippine’s most beautiful area, El Nido. Snorkelling, ice cold beers, untouched beaches and crystal clear waters.
  • Hike epic Mount Tapas, and then soak those weary limbs in the natural hot springs in Coron


Arrive in Manila any time, an evening at Manila’s most famous street food centre, the Legazpi night market, for some traditional Filipino snacks and drinks.

Today we’ll rise early to make our way to our GiveBack project 3 hours north of Manilla in Subic.  In the afternoon we’ll visit the school and meet with the teachers and students and learn about the great work the school is doing.

Time to get your hands dirty! Early start in Subic, where we begin the hard work of cleaning up the area, refurbishing the school, painting the walls and helping with the playground construction.

Now that you know what it’s all about it’s time for another day of putting those hidden skills of yours to the test.  Depending on how much we accomplished the day before will determine how are we need to work today.  

It’s the last day at the project, we’ll finish off all the work that needs to be done. After lunch we’ll have an opening ceremony with the local villagers, at the school, then back to the hotel before our travel adventure begins tomorrow. 

Time to say goodbye to our partner project and head back to Manila for our flight to the ‘World’s Best Island’ of Palawan, we’ll be flying into Puerta Princesa, sleeping in town after a long days travel before we explore the world’s most beautiful island over the next few days. We earned it!

We transfer, this morning, to the UNESCO listed Puerto Princesa subterranean river national park, the world’s largest underwater cave, accessible only by boat then a private transfer to the north of Palawan, prepare yourself for probably the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen, El Nido. Sunset dinner and drinks in paradise.

A day off in paradise. Work on that tan, read your kindle, soak up the peace and quiet. There are a tonne of optional activities, from rock climbing to scuba diving, so if you’re not the chilling type, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Private boat, ice cold beers, and island hopping in El Nido. Karst cliff faces, electric blue water, snorkeling, boat trips, you get the picture. This is what Palawan is all about.

Today we transfer to the Philippine’s (the world’s?) most beautiful island escape, Coron. Most of the day we’ll be on the boat transferring, so bring a book, buy a beer and enjoy the ride. 

We can argue about which is more beautiful Coron or El Nido (my money is on Coron), or we can appreciate both in equal measure. Pinch yourself though, the views are unreal. We have one last optional boat trip planned for you guys so squeeze the last of that sunscreen out of the bottle and jump on board. Then it’s beach vibes all night as we celebrate the end of the trip of a lifetime. 

Time is up team! Don’t worry, for the hard-core adventurers among us, we have our ‘add-on trip’ to swim with the whale sharks in Dumaguete, for the rest of  you, you can chill in Coron or we can help you make your way back to Manilla for that long trip home. Don’t worry, we’ll see you on another trip very soon!

*Book Dumaguete Whale Shark 3 night Add-On @ $799

Time to depart Coron folks. We’re off to Busuanga airport to fly to Dumaguete for the thrill of a lifetime, first a quick stop in Manila and then connect to our second flight.

Rise and shine. Bucket list time. Today’s the big day, we’re if we’re lucky and the sharks are playing the game, we’re off to swim with whale sharks, huge, friendly amazing creatures that they are. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Wake up, think “Did i really swim with sharks yesterday!?”, then enjoy a lazy breakfast. We have a date with Casaroro waterfall, so let’s get going. Then it’s party night for our last ever night, tissues at the ready.

A groggy coffee over breakfast, hop to the airport for the transfer to Manila, then we’re off on our separate ways. Thanks for the memories folks!

About The Project

After working with our partner community last year in the Philippines, we’ve built a great relationship with the team in Subic and work in conjunction with St. Francis Learning Center Foundation. The SFLC is a non-government, non-profit institution established by the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception for the development of the Aetas, the Indigenous People of Zambales.

The Aeta children, the indigenous population of the Philippines, come from mountain villages that are located far from anywhere. Because of the distance, it is very difficult for the children studying at our partner school to commute everyday from their villages. The SFLC has therefore built three houses to serve as dormitories for the children while at school, one for the girls, two for the boys. Two full-time and one part-time house mothers supervise the children’s daily routine.

The Center is located at the foot of a mountain near a river. The Aeta children come from different mountain villages all around the region, and on this project the GiveBack GiveAway crew will be supplying the school with a home economics room, and a playground, so this community can continue their way of life and also learn in a conducive environment.

What's Included


All Accommodations in comfortable hotels usually with wifi, air-con and hot water as a minimum


All breakfast included on tour.

Day Trips & Excursions

All group group day trips, group group excursions and group entrance fees into temples and forts.


All group in country transportation.

Project Donation

Feel good knowing 100% goes directly into the project.

Experienced Guides

Two experienced guides that will be there for you 24/7.