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Release Date: April 18, 2018

Fellow travellers set to build school in the Philippines.

Adventurers using the power of travel and social media to change how the world views travelling.

Irish travel blogger, Johnny Ward finished travelling to every country in the world in 2017. Now that he has completed his dream, he is using travel as a way to give back.

After exploring the world for ten years, he co-founded an adventure travel company and social-good organization called the GiveBack GiveAway that builds schools, playgrounds, dormitories and more, all over the planet. Johnny and his co-founder, Josh Henry, started the organization in 2015 after an overland trip across all of West Africa. Travelling the world has given us so much. There had to be a way to give back to the people, places and communities that inspired us along the way.” says Johnny

The two harnessed the power of social media to raise money to fund charity projects around the world. As an incentive to donate, the GiveBack GiveAway chooses one lucky winner to join them for free. In the last two years GiveBack has given away five trips and raised over $50,000 toward building new schools, classrooms, playgrounds, educational equipment and dormitories for orphaned children.

“We realized that travel has the ability to do a lot of good, and we created the GiveBack GiveAway to do just that.” says Johnny.

Along with donations from over 75 people on six different continents, the organization has partnered with Cebu Pacific Air and Novotel in Manila to bring education to the indigenous Aeta people. The group of 17 people from 12 different countries will be arriving April 22nd to build a home economics classroom with the help of community professionals near Subic. The school has been helping the Aeta children access education since 1996. The students come from different mountain villages like Alibang, Cabangaan, San Martin, Agusuhin, Cawag Resettlement, Cabitaugan, Wea and Gala in Subic.

Once the classroom is completed, the group will then spend time travelling around and enjoying the country.

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