Uganda + Rwanda

July 26th to August 5th, 2020

11 Days

Available Dates: July 26th to August 5th, 2020

Price: $1999 $1899 + $300 project fee

Climb Volcanoes in the Democratic Republic Of Congo
4 Day Add-On $889 August 5th - August 8th


  • Take a game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park on the Uganda/Congolese border, home to lions, chimps, hippos, giraffes and a lot, lot more!
  • Opt to join the trek deep into the Ugandan forest to spend time with the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. The last region on the planet that this is possible.
  • Be a true adventurer as we cross the Equator and overland from Uganda’s bustling capital of Kampala, all the way down to Rwanda’s Capital, Kigali.
  • Get your hands dirty as we improving the educational facilities of our partner orphanage in Uganda. Learn about the local community and understand where your hard work and donations have helped these guys.
  • Take a moment to appreciate recent Rwandan history, and marvel at how well they have managed to overcome their differences to make Kigali one of the most prosperous cities in all of East Africa


Arrive in Kampala anytime. We’ll meeting for a briefing at 6pm to explain the trip, the volunteering and the adventure ahead before a group dinner and drinks to get to know your fellow travellers

After brekky, we’ll head on our private bus to our partner community. We’ll use the time to get to know each other a little better, and prepare ourselves for the hot & sweaty work ahead! Once we arrive, we’ll check-in, where our project leader will brief you guys about just why we’re working with them, the good that your money has done, and the work that you’ve signed up for.

Rise and shine. We’ll have a tour of the project and the community, and if time permits, get started on the hard graft. Painting, labouring, landscaping – whatever our local team hasn’t managed to do, we need to step up and get it done! It’s time to get serious.

Day 4: Day 3 on our project. As many of our returners can testify, the projects can be hard work, so we hope you’re ready. Depending on how far the construction has progressed with the local staff we have been hiring over the last few weeks, jobs can include lugging bricks, shifting sand, painting the buildings and of course playing with the kids.

Day 5: This one could be an early start! It depends on how hard we’ve been working but today is opening day so the morning is the last chance to get back on schedule. Hopefully, we’ve all worked hard enough and the opening ceremony will be good to go in the late afternoon. We’ll then head off on our private transport to just outside Queen Elizabeth national park, ready for the animals tomorrow.

Day 6:
Game drive time! An early start, but well worth it. Keep your fingers, toes (and everything in between) crossed for lions, giraffes, hippos and maybe every the elusive chimps. Not a lot of people in Uganda explore this region as they all make a beeline for the gorillas, in-and-out, that’s not the GBGA style though. Let’s make the most of this beautiful country, and the animals in their natural habitat.

Day 7: Did someone say roaaaad tripppp? We’re crossing a chunk of Uganda by land today, finally reaching the jungle that’s home to the mountain Gorillas. The views are epic, so try to grab a window seat. We’ll be stopping off for lunch and snacks along the way. Bartering for your coca-cola will become a nuanced artform.

Day 8: This is it. Once in a lifetime in chance to be up close and personal with a whole family of wild, mountain gorillas. Depending on which groups we’re divided into, we can be trekking from 1 to 6 hours as the local rangers bring us deep in the jungle in search of the groups. We know this doesn’t come cheap, but having done it personally, it’s worth every last penny. Gorilla trekking permit is an additional $600. 

Day 9: No trip in Africa is complete with the chaos of a land-border crossing, so off we trot. After breakfast in the jungle, we head towards East Africa’s gem,Rwanda. Expect lots of frantic bustling, some wild chickens, a strange queuing system, and lots of fun as we cross into Rwanda, then drive through the spectacular, winding roads from Kabale south.

Day 10: It’s our last full day. We’ll have a somber start to the day as we relive the 100 days of horror at thee Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, before a more light-hearted afternoon putting all those bargaining skills to use at either the Nyabugogo or Kimironko market. A late afternoon, dinner and drinks at the hotel made famous by the movie ‘Hotel Rwanda’ will call our Uganda/Rwanda trip to an end. What an adventure.
Day 11: We’re finishing up in Kigali. If you need to make your way back to Kampala, or if you wish to travel further in East Africa, or beyond, we can of course help you at every turn, just let us know your plans! Orrrr, be a hero and join us on our tour to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and climb Mount Nyiragonga, the world’s largest lava lake!


Using all our skills, we’ve found out the easiest way to visit the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and you get an epic story to go along with it when you climb to the world’s largest lava lake at Mount Nyiragonga.

DAY 11: As the rest of the GBGA crew say goodbye, we hope on a local bus to the Congolese border town of Gisenyi Lake Kivu. A boat cruise of Africa’s highest lake will reward you with captivating views of islands and far sights of the Nyiragongo volcano. Have lunch there and proceed to cross the border with Congo to the town of Goma which is the capital of the North Kivu province. Overnight in Goma.

DAY 12: In the morning, you will pack your bags and get ready to hike one of the most active and violent volcanoes on the Continent with the world’s most fluid and largest lava lake. Nyiragongo Volcano is located in the east of DRC, around 19 km from Goma, and is the most active volcano in the world. In 1997 and 2002, flows of very liquid lava broke out from cracks in the volcanic slopes as lava flowed at a terrific speed killing scores of people and displacing hundreds of thousands in the town of Goma. The 4-5 hour hike through lush rainforest will climax with a fascinating view of this lava lake as you chill out for a night at the crater rim. Overnight in tents at the top of the volcano.
DAY 13: After breakfast, start your descent for a transfer back to Gisenyi where you will later transfer to Kigali for our last proper night. Time to celebrate!
DAY 14: Uganda, Rwanda, and the DRC. Done, done and done. You guys are outta here, see you on the next one!

About The Project

Our partner community in NGO circulates around an orphanage about 2 hours from Kampala.
Many years ago profoundly touched by the plight of orphans and the growing number of street children, our partnerregistered Community Based Organization operating in Masaka district committed to a life long journey to transform and uplift destitute children in slums.

They soon expanded to running a children’s school WECO Junior school where children under their protection and care acquire free education and those in the surrounding communities access very cheap education. Since then, they have recruited professional powerless young mothers as teachers, caregivers and jobless youths to join our staff also supporting the local market when they buy their produce for our school meals. Currently their Junior school has enrolled 83 students in their junior school of only three rented temporary classrooms and a staff of 6 teachers.

With a growing need, and not enough space, the GBGA has pledged the funds, and labour to provide 3 new classrooms allowing more kids access to the amazing care and education these guys provide. Please come and help us.

What's Included


All Accommodations in comfortable hotels usually with wifi, air-con and hot water as a minimum


All breakfast included on tour.

Day Trips & Excursions

All group day trips, group excursions and group entrance fees into temples and forts.


All group in country transportation.

Project Donation

Feel good know 100% goes directly to our project partner.

Experienced Guides

Two experienced guides that will be there for you 24/7.